Rory Mcllroy pulled an angered Tiger Woods-likemove with his clubat the British Open,which put him front and center in the headlines today. Just about everyone has seen the videoof Mcllroy's handy-work on the green,throwing the club in anger immediately after missing a shot. This left his 3-wood in two pieces and no matter how you do the math, the club was destroyed.

That didn't look good

To say that Mcllroy was furious, might be an understatement. He didn't lightly toss the club, itlooks like Mcllroy's3-wood fell apart in an explosive manner once it made impact with the green. Mcllroy was onthe16th hole, when his ball went somewhere he didn't want it to go, sparking this little show of emotion, reportsMSN News.

He threw that club with some force! You can see his momentary display of anger in the video bellow:

Mcllroy not a novice at breaking clubs

This is not the first time Mcllroy broke a club during a golf tournament in the height of anger. He was really peeved a few years back at the U.S. Open and bent his club after his shot went into the water. As you can see in the video below, he jammed that club with all his might into the ground. When he bring's the club back up you can see that it is a bit crooked. What does he do next? He tries to straighten it out, which of course was to no avail.

Tiger Woods-like maneuver

One can't help thinking back to the day when this move was usually reserved for Tiger Woods.

A PGA Golf Tournament isthe farthest thing froma rough andready sporteven though there's tons of money to be won.

Millions at stake

You would think that with millions of dollars on the line you would see more outbursts, but these PGA guys areusuallypretty subdued when their feathers get ruffled due to a bad shot.

Every so often a facial grimace or a head hanging low indicates the golfer is not at all happy with a shot they just made, but you didn't need to guess what Mcllroy was thinking after seeing him chuck his club.

The PGA competitionusually has more of a laid-back look to it than a feeling that they are ready to rumble.Although after Mcllory's club toss, he reeled himself right back in.

It wasn't followed by a rant of foul language or hand gestures. He threw it, watched the head bounce off of it and then it was done. Hey, sometimes you just can't help it, you have to be stressing out on the green with all that money at stake, but yet everyone just saunters around like they're at a tea party when it comes to their movements. Maybe that is why they call golf the "gentleman's game."

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