For acouple of months, for those who watch Tennis, the hotspot was surely in Europe. The spring clay court season, and then the grass session kept the attention focused mainly on the European events. Now, it will bounce over the Atlantic and the first notable stop will be Toronto. Roger`s Cup is a Masters 1000 event which initiallyfeatured one of the biggest names on the ATP circuit in its main draw. With the upcoming Olympic Games, things suffered serious adjustments. The list of players who withdrew from Toronto includes names like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, andAndy Murray. It`s quite a loss, especially for the audience.

Roger Federer is focused mainly on the Olympics

The Swiss star, 34, withdrew from Toronto as part of his strategy for the Olympics. With 2 weeks left until it starts, Rio is the milestone of the season for Federer, and perhaps one of his career. The only achievement missing from his surreal showcase is the gold medal in singles. The Swiss playerwas close to doing that back in 2012, but Murray shreddedhis dreams apart in London. Federer also withdrew from Toronto last year in order to allow himself a physical timeout for the upcoming US Open.

Rafael Nadal is recovering following his wrist injury

According to ESPN, the Spaniard is not fit for competing at the level that a Masters 1000 event requires.

With only one week of practicing, things are far from the right path. Still, Nadal, 30, is determined to find a recipe for success in Rio. Question marks revolvearound his lack of playing as the Spaniard did not play a match since he withdrew from the 3rd round of the French Open. As facts are at the moment, Rafael Nadal, winner of the gold medal in men`s singles in 2008 in Beijing, will step into the Olympics without a warm-up event.

Andy Murray still enjoys his Wimbledon success

The Scotsman, 29, is the 3rd name on the `slackers` list. Murray won his 2nd Wimbledontitle two weeks ago capping a solid season both on clay and grass with Grand Slam finals played at Roland Garros and then Wimbledon. Last week, he also withdrew from the Davis Cup thus leaving his national team without its best man.

Of course, his body experienced alot of fatigue and it might need a break. Murray is going to make his appearance in Rio as the Olympic champion. He won the gold in his home country back in 2012.

Who wins the most?

With these 3 amazing players out of the contest, things are going to be much easier for other top players. One of them isdefinitelyMilos Raonic, this year`s Wimbledon runner-up, who will have a great opportunity to win a Masters 1000 event right on his home soil. The 25-year-old Canadian has nothing to worry about with the Olympics. He will not compete in Rio due to the Zika virus threat. Moreover, Novak Djokovic is set to appear in Toronto at Roger`s Cup. The Serb has been off the court for about a month.

In Canada, he has a great chance to get himself on the right path to win another title.

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