With the Olympics to start on August 6, Roger Federer was set to celebrate his 35 birthday at Rio ( August 8) on what would have been his 5th appearance at the Summer Olympics.

Besides, this edition it supposed to be the Swiss`s last feasible chance for a gold medal in men`s singles. Still, some last updates left the entire world in shock yesterday following an announcement which Federer made on his social media account.

The Swiss, winner of 17 Grand Slam tournament, will miss all the remaining season including the Olympics.

What caused Federer`s resignation.

Federer`s announcement includes some precious pieces ofinformationon what will follow next.

That knee surgery he undertook in February is the one bugging him the most.

His medical staff made an assessmentand any further plan which includes professional Tennis in the following years it is strictly related to a long period of rehabilitation. RogerFederer must obey if he wants to ever compete again at a high level of efficiency.

As painful as it seems, probably it was the right decision for Federer. His staff knows the best which road provided the best shot for the future.

Of course, the bitterness among the fans has no cure for the time being. It is also a great loss in terms of attractiveness with Federer being a name which fills up a venue within seconds.

Federer`s future on the ATP circuit.

With the rest of the season off the table, Federer will definitely lose some ranking spots. Currently on the 3rd position, this fact is about to change.

Last year, during the American hardcourt season, Federer won at Cincinnati and then made an excellent run at the US Open by reaching the final.

That gives him about 2300 points to defend. There is also the title in Basel to defend (500 points) which is currently undoable. By the end of 2016, he is likely to step out of the top 10 ATP. It is a dark perspective but the figures never lie.

Still, Federer said that his motivation is there, his passion for tennis being untainted.

He further stated that his hopes and dreams for 2017 include some great results on the tennis court. It remains to be seen if he will be able to make a fruitful return next season.

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