The Swiss player, winner of 17 Grand Slams, failed to win one more major event a couple of weeks ago at Wimbledon. That particular semifinal against Milos Raonic left Federer still without a title in 2016. It is probably one of the biggest drought seasons throughout his career. Back in 2013, Roger Federerhad a similar first half of the season, but he later grabbed some steamunder his belt and further capitalized some successes. A quick look at his schedule shows that he`ll play mostly on the big events on the ATP circuit, as well as the Olympics.

The US hardcourt season and the Olympics.

Federer`s official schedule has a mark put on the event in Toronto, Canada.

At theRoger`s Cup, the Swiss playeris expected to be one of the headliners. Moreover, yesterday, Andy Murray released a statement according to which he will not compete in Toronto. The Scotsman,Wimbledon champion of 2016, brought into discussion the argument of fatigue. And it is quite reasonable. Murray played lots of matches in the past months including two Grand Slam finals, as well as the finals in Madrid, Rome and Queen`s. Federer has played so little by being kept outside of the Tennis court through multiple health problems. For Federer, the next stop will be more like a detour. He will attend the summer Olympics in Rio along with other top players in what is going to be his last feasiblechance to clinch that slippery gold medal in men`s singles.

Then, if everything follows the schedule, he will be heading to Cincinnati one of the so-called overseas homes. At Western and Southern Open he claimed the title on 7 different occasions.He is also the defending champion there. In 2015, Federer outshined Djokovic in the final by winning the trophy in straight sets.

Further, it`ll the US Open to focus on. Back in 2015, Federer also played the final at US Open. So, there is quite a harvest of points to defend if he wants to remain on the current spot in the ranking, which now is world #3.

Masters 1000 and home country event in Basel.

The autumn session of big tournaments will be scatteredall over the world.

Roger Federer is expected to be in the main draw at Shanghai Masters, Paris Masters, and right between them the event in Basel, Federer`s hometown. So, the odds for Federer to win at least one title this yearare still on the table. Though, judging by the size of these events it won`t be an easy task to deal with. Top players are expected to be in the main draw of all these events. In November, it is scheduled the ATP final, but Federer has to earn more points in order to book himself a seat. Only the first 8 eight players of 2016 season will be there. In the ATP Race, Federer currently holds the 9th place.

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