The Summer Olympics in Riois probably the Swiss`s last chance for a gold medal in men`s singles. Despite being one of the best male Tennis players who ever competed on the ATP circuit, when it came to the Olympics, Roger Federer failed to reach the higher spot.

Still, 8 years ago, along with his compatriot and friend Stan Wawrinka, he clinched a gold in men`s doubles in Beijing. It is surely a great result, but it seems that Federer`s own-enforce standard requires much more.

But, as it was seen on multiple occasions, no matter how greatness you possess, after all, it is all flash and bones thus making quite difficult to unfold a long-term strategy( regarding the Federer`s case it was the season of 2016 on adebate).

His long-time rival and friend it is also in the same situation being put on a side by injuries. Only imagine, how cruel it`ll be if Federer and Nadal will miss such an event as the one in Rio. Fortunately, both players are going to attend the Summer Olympics.

A curved season so far for Federer.

In 2016, Roger Federer stepped in highly motivated, with his widely discussed season as the main attraction. He played well in Brisbane and then at the Australian Open where he reached the semifinals.

It was that unforeseeableknee injury that put him away for two months. In March, some back issues arose, and little by little Federer saw his schedule being undone.

He made a decent run during the grass season with the Wimbledon semifinal as its peak.

Drawing a line, giving the circumstances, Federer did well on the tennis court.

At almost 35-years-of age it`s quite a thing to play two Grand Slam semifinals in 6 months. Overall, in 2016, Federer attended 7 ATP events (including 2 Grand Slam). He played 28 matches, losing 7 of them. Of course, the absence of a title in 2016 is the most peculiar one.

Is it Rio a feasible goal?

With the above numbers, Roger Federer is going to make his move in Rio. Out there, there will be a remarkable crowd willing to see a worldwide phenomenon writing history.

But, as always, an extra bit of rationality never hurt anyone. Federer is not the only one who want to make a complete run in men`s singles.

Players like Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Stan Wawrinka, Jo-WilfriedTsonga are around 30 and Rio might as well be the last chance for a gold medal.

Besides, there are younger players eager to prove their value. The young hopes are always unpredictable. There is also the still unknown factor regarding the draw. A favorable lane would definitely enhance the 34-years-old Swiss` chances.

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