Ricardo Kakáis a legend, simply put. Not only has he won the Ballon d'Or, the prestigious award given to the best player in the world at the time, but he has played for clubs with astounding reputations, such as A.C. Milan and Real Madrid. In recent years, the Brazilian midfielder has made the move toOrlando City SC, an MLS side located in Florida. Many aging players make this move, and a star like Kaká seemed to be perfect for sunny, tropical Florida. The attention he brought to the league and the team alone could be considered a steady contribution toMajor League Soccer, but his actions on the pitch have been anything but steady.

Kaká in Numbers

Kaká's lack of a contribution to Orlando City is largely due to a thing soccer fans call 'the injury bug'. This is a phenomenon that occurs frequently in older players, in which they cannot seem to stop picking up minor injuries shortly after they recover from the last one. So, with Kaká being prone to this injury bug, his figures are lacking, which is a big problem, considering his over $7 millionsalary is the highest in MLS, and more than all of his teammates combined, according to theMLS Players Union.Kaká's figures are as seen below.

In the two seasons he has played for Orlando, Kaká has amassed a total of:

  • 37 Appearances
  • 12 Goals
  • 12 Assists

So, with a little bit of simple addition, it is plain to see that contributing to 24 goals over the span of one and a half seasons is not the top caliber level we expected to see from Kaká.

This is especially daunting since Orlando City has scored more than 60 goals in all MLS games over the span of their two seasons.

What should Orlando city do?

Kaká'snumbers, once all put together, those being salary, appearances, goals, assists, etc., are not satisfactory. His salary alone is holding the club back, its hefty amount preventing Orlando City from purchasing new players.

His goals and assists just don't cut it either, especially considering that a large portion of his goals were converted from the penalty spot, a minimal effort from a world-class player. In the opinion of several fans of the team and the league alike, it may be time for the Brazilian to go, and let Orlando City make more of the money they are allotted.

So, what do you think? Have your say in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on MLS.

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