Every bull rider who has ever climbed on a bull’s back, knows how important it is to hold on for the longest eight-seconds of their lives. Now they will get a strong reminder at the opening of every event, courtesy of Steven Tyler’s new song, “Hold On, Won’t Let Go.” Tyler, who is the front man for the well-known band Aerosmith, may be edging his career toward different venues, along with doing his own solo tour.

What does Tyler have in common with bull riding?

Though Tyler seems an unlikely candidate to sit atop a raging bull, he does know all about holding on to something. “The toughest eight seconds in sports is staying on the back and riding that bull,” Tyler said.

"A musician’s whole career is judged in eight seconds or fewer. Whether it’s a song on the radio or a performance, there's no better anthem for the spirit of the game and the big win than ‘Hold On (Won't Let Go)’.”

Tyler’s new solo album, We’re All Somebody from Somewhere, is being released on the country label of Dot Records/Big Machines. The single that is now the anthem song for Professional Bull Riding events is included on that album. Tyler also is a client of the PBR parent company, WME | IMG, so he and the PBR do have a connection.

Two American legends working together

Aerosmith has been proclaimed as one of America’s top bands of all times, and young and old alike follow Tyler and enjoy his music.

Professional Bull Riding also is one of the oldest sports around and is enjoyed by young and old alike, it stands to reason that the two paired together will complement each other and expand the fan base for both.

Aerosmith was formed in 1970, by Tyler, Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton and has a long history of great songs.

The Professional Bull Riders Association was formed in 1992, by 20 bull riders from the rodeo circuit who had a vision of a different kind of sport. The PBR has become the fastest growing sport in America. It seems that both the PBR and Tyler will be a legend for a lot longer. How fitting that they are now doing it together.

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