No head coach is climbing trees or doing bad rap videos, etc., etc. on Youtube. No constant challenges and back-and-forth on Twitter to other leagues, most teams or coaches about whatever. Just hard work and great coaching doing almost all the talking nowadays at Ohio State University.

Jim Harbaugh, an exceptional college football coach

Don't get me wrong; most think Coach Harbaugh is one of the top ten coaches in college Football at this time. When he was in the NFL, he was one of the top in that league as well. It's just that this offseason some people have gotten over all the side shows. It's understandable trying to keep Michigan's name in the spotlight but is that all it's about in his case?

Some may say, a look at the recruiting class ranking and last year's record is all one needs to justify the over-the-top antics in social media. Maybe. Certainly, when it came to the unexpected 10-3 record in 2015, many are on board. Harbaugh and staff coached that team up so well; they jumped ahead of anyone's timeline for becoming a national power again.

Phil Steele includes a recruiting ranking in his yearly College Football Preview. It is a compilation of the top 10 recruiting services in the nation. As a result, the accuracy should be as good as you can get in that world. According to the 2016 issue, Michigan ranked number seven nationally recruiting. That is great work by any standard.

Urban Meyer -minus the noise

Urban Meyer is currently in the top three active college football coaches. His teams have won three national championships (2006, 2008) in Florida and (2014) at Ohio State. In 2015, they lost one game to conference rival Michigan State, keeping them out of the conference--and therefore the national championship--picture.

According to Phil Steele's recruiting rankings, Coach Meyer, and his staff, minus all the social media antics, assembled a recruiting class ranked number fournationally. That and a 12-1 overall record gives Ohio State the clear edge over Michigan--along with the win for the fourth straight year.

Even with the serious NFL and graduation losses, Ohio State is once again the most talented team in the Big Ten.

Expect them to settle on a single quarterback, junior J.T. Barrett, instead of a platooning system this year. This, along with one of the best offensive lines in the conference, will help the offense top 2015's numbers overall.

Harbaugh is like a Jerry Glanville that wins

It is good to see the Michigan program moving back among the college elite. Though, it does seem strange for them to have a coach who's antics could be compared to 1990's Atlanta Falcon's coach Jerry Glanville.

If you are mid 30's or older, you may remember the Falcon's head coach, who always dressed in all black. He also left tickets for Elvis Pressley--he died in 1977--at will call and had rappers hanging out on the sideline.

Coach Glanville didn't win a lot, but you never knew what to expect next. Maybe that's what Coach Harbaugh is going for?

If Michigan wins the Big Ten Championship and makes the college playoffs, we will likely need to prepare for more of the same next year. However, they have a more difficult road to Michigan State, Iowa, and Ohio State all on the road this year.

Ohio State speaks loudly with wins

Though I expect at least one loss before, Michigan's wake up call this season will come on November 26, at Ohio State.

Also, as Urban Meyer has already proven, winning speaks as loud as is required to keep your program hot.

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