The NXT results for July 20 would be same-old, same-old under ordinary circumstances, but this show had a finality to it that could be considered the show's series finale.That's right, series -- not season.That's because the WWE Draft has now decided the fate of the six NXT actsdestined for the main roster -- Finn Balor, Nia Jax, American Alpha, Alexa Bliss, Mojo Rawley, and Carmella -- and the show is not only lighter on talent but also ready for a full shift in philosophy.So what exactly can viewers expect from future NXT results?

For starters, expect an emphasis on lighter-weight talent.

Sure, Samoa Joe got the win over Rhyno Wednesday night and remains the NXT Champion -- that isn't likely to change any time soon -- but the CWC (Cruiserweight Classic) that shared the night with NXT offers some hint as to what comes next.WWE is going to use NXT to test its leaner talent before risking them on the main roster.

WWE CEO Vince McMahon has had an affinity for bigger guys like Brock Lesnar for quite some time, but recent issues with drug testing and the company's own desire to appeal to a wider audience and clean up its steroid-addled image will mean a trend away from the Beast Incarnates and a trend toward the Shinske Nakamuras.You can't blame them. The company has been burned by its two biggest stars in the last 30 days with Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar both failing drug tests and calling into question the WWE Wellness Policy.

There is less risk in the high flyers and the 205-ers. Therefore, you can expect future NXT results to show a cornucopia of cruiserweight talent.Of course, when you're a zeppelin like World Wrestling Entertainment, changes are slower and more incremental than when you're a lean pro wrestling startup, so you can't just ditch the "looks" and styles that have worked for you for decades.WWE will pour much of their effort into the NXT brand's coming cruiserweight class to see whether they've got what it takes to carry a brand, not just at the NXT level but onthe WWE main roster as well.

Secondly, get ready for the TNA Exodus.

When the simple act of paying your talent ends up on Cageside Seats' popular rumors section, you know your company is not on the right course.That's where TNA is at at present, and it's hard to see marketable talent worth anything willing to put up with it much longer.As a result, you're going to see future NXT results with current TNA names in the mix.

Fans have already witnessed James Storm and Eric Young make temporary jumps to the brand, and Austin Aries and Samoa Joe are currently major players.With the WWE draft wiping out much of NXT's top talent, expect the TNA exodus to occur soon with NXT locking in much of the company's most valued talent in order to patch some of the holes and bring along young talents like No Way Jose and Patrick Clark.

Finally, get ready for a NXT product that crossestrue farm league withWCW Saturday Night.

It's clear in the production layout and the booking of NXT that Triple H has an affection for the old school WCW Saturday Night program in which he got his start as Jean-Paul Levesque.While that means NXT will forever be marginalized as a top brand of the company -- at least as long as Vince McMahon is alive -- it does mean that the WWE main roster will continue to utilize NXT as a farm system, but will do so with a wealth of veteran talent along for good measure.

Don't adjust your sets, wrestling fans. It will continue to seem for the immediate future that NXT is WCW Saturday Night, and that's what it needs to be in order to get younger talents over.As for this week's NXT results, American Alpha lost brutallyto the Authors of Pain, Samoa Joe defeated Rhyno, Austin Aries dropped Patrick Clark before getting wiped out by No Way Jose, and Dash and Dawson received a challenge from Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa.Bayley also beat Nia Jax, which was a little strange since they're wanting to sell Jax as a dominant force on the main roster.

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