Cam Robinson News.

Cam Robinsonis one of the best players in the country. As a freshman, he was able to start on one of the best teams in America. Over the summer, he was in a legal issue where he was pulled over with his friend who was driving. This is big News because he is expected to be one of the best overall tackles in the country for 2016.

There was a major press conference where the district attorney in Louisiana talked about how hard these young athletes work to get to where they are today. In addition, he mentioned having "air conditioning" privilege to help us make better decisions. According to him, this is one reason that athletes should be given a pass.

Player Discipline.

One of the major issues in college Football today is all of the mess outside of the actual game. There are several prominent schools facing lawsuits because of how they have handled crime on campus. Penn State was punished for turning its back on the children that came to work in the football camp on campus. This was a terrible event that shocked the nation. Then, Baylor was caught allowing a prominent criminal on the football team. Boise State's coach even reached out to let Art Briles know that this guy was bad news. Art Briles let him play anyway, and the rest is history.

Alabama in 2016.

Alabama will be one of the favorites to win the national championship in 2016. Over time, they have been able to get away with some things that other schools cannot.

Media members are afraid to approach Nick Saban about potential issues on his team. However, Paul Finebaum was not afraid to press the Alabama football coach. Both Alabama and Georgia have had issues on their respective teams this offseason. Although Georgia is usually good for a couple of major issues on their team, there are a lot of other teams having issues as well.

The Arkansas head coach joked at media days that he was one of the only coaches not having to deal with a lot of issues this offseason. The good news is that the college football season is now only 49 days away.

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