The Jacksonville Jaguars went into the 2015 season knowing that they had some rebuilding to do. After years of poor draft picks, the Jaguars were ready to start building for the future with Blake Bortles at quarterback.

There were many people who thought that the quarterback out of UCF was drafted too high. However, the management of the Jaguars knew what they were doing when they drafted him. There are several traits that make him a solid quarterback.

  • Dual Threat Ability
  • Downfield Accuracy
  • Leadership
  • Resistance to Injury

At one time, the Jaguars were one of the most consistent teams in the NFL. However, those days are now long gone.

Over the past five years, this team has been one of the worst in the NFL. The good News is that they now have a good group of core players who are ready to contribute at a high level. In the 2015 draft, the team drafted Donte Fowler out of Florida for their defensive line. He was injured in fall camp and did not play the entire year. Although the team made strides, they still had a bad year and drafted 5th overall in this year's draft.

Adding Talent

In the 2016 draft, the Jaguars landed who many who people consider to be the best overall player in the draft. Jalen Ramsey is a great talent who will help immediately once he steps on the field. While he was at Florida State, he did a great job of making plays wherever he could.

In the Madden rankings for this year, he is the highest rated rookie player. Many draft experts ranked the Jaguars as having the best overall draft in the entire league last year. Only time will tell if this trend will continue in the future.

2016 Outlook

The Jaguars benefit by playing in the worst division in the NFL, the AFC South.

Although the Colts are the best team in the division, this is not saying a whole lot. The Titans are improving, but a lot of people have doubts about their competitiveness this year. This is a great opportunity for the Jaguars to win a lot of games and make a playoff run. It will still be another year before the Jags make the playoffs, but look for them to almost double their win total from last year.

Our official prediction is that the Jags go 7-9.

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