2015 Season.

Last year can be summed up in one word for Giants fans: disappointing. After several years of being on the brink of success, the Giants were unable to take the next step forward for their team this year.

The Giants only won 6 games last year, despite starting out 3-2. They have several things that went against them last year.

  • Bad Defensive Play
  • Injuries
  • Lack of Impact Rookies

Going into the 2016 season, Giants fans want a team that is going to be better in every aspect of play. Last year, the Giants lost both games against the Eagles, which is never acceptable for fans. Not only is this a rivalry game, but the Eagles were not very good at all last year.

After going 6-10, Giants fans want quick answers on how things are going to be turned around for next season.


The one bright spot on offense is Odell Beckham. As a wide receiver out of LSU, he is one of the most dynamic playmakers in the league. Both him and Antonio Brown will be competing over the next few years to see which player is the best wide receiver in the league. There are a lot of people who were slightly disappointed in his play last year, along with the rest of the team. After a crazy rookie season, fans should have expected him to take a small step back. No one can produce at that high of a level for a long period of time. Going into 2016, defenses will be more keyed in on him than ever before.


When the Giants won two Super Bowls over the past decade, they did so with a great defense and a strong running game. In 2015, that legacy was tarnished with poor play from that position. A lot of people do not realize the type of impact that is made from an elite defense. Over time, it is important that the Giants invest in their defense and get back to their roots.

Although their offense is a lot more flashy now, it needs to have a great defense in order to compete well in the league.

2016 Outlook.

Looking at 2016, it is hard to imagine that this team will not improve over last year. There are a lot of pieces missing for a Super Bowl run, but in a bad division this team should be in the playoff hunt.

Over official prediction is that the Giants go 9-7 and make the playoffs by the skin of their teeth.

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