Closing the books on Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat

It's somewhat hard to picture. After 13 seasons with the Miami Heat, and after spending his entire career in South Beach, it has been reported that Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat are no more. Wade will instead sign with the Chicago Bulls, rejecting a 2-year deal from his former team that was worth $40 million. It's certainly a homecoming for Wade, who is a Chicago native, and perhaps that's what ultimately swayed his decision: to likely finish out his career at home in front of his hometown crowd.

New-look Chicago Bulls

Outside of perhaps the New York Knicks, no other team has undergone such a drastic personnel change in this off-season as the Chicago Bulls.

With Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose being dealt to the Knicks, and Pau Gasol signing with the San Antonio Spurs, the Bulls have added Robin Lopez. Rajon Rondo, and now, Dwyane Wade to pair along with All-Star Jimmy Butler. Saying that this is a completely revamped roster wouldn't at all be a stretch, but, only time will tell whether or not all these changes in personnel will result in better chemistry or worse, however, you really cannot get any worse than the Bulls' (42-40) regular season record last year.

Robin Lopez is certainly not the same caliber player as his brother Brook, but he is a solid, consistent player on the inside that can score, rebound, and pick up some of the slack with Noah gone.

Rajon Rondo is a bit of a loose cannon, as his numbers have been down since his championship-caliber years with the Boston Celtics. He has also built up quite the reputation as an antagonistic player with on and off the court antics, one can't help but wonder if maybe this change will re-invigorate the Point Guard, or if it will be more of the same.

Still, even with all things considered, Rondo is a triple-double threat every night, and he is still one of the premier Point Guards in the league.

As far as where Dwyane Wade fits into all of this, there's no question that his numbers have gone down as his age has gone up, but that's to be expected in the game of Basketball.

He's not quite the Flash that he used to be, and the Bulls may have to monitor his minutes, however, he is still an effective threat out on the floor, not to mention the fact that he brings with him championship experience that can only help any team that he's on.

Still, it's going to be a strange thing seeing Wade not in a Heat uniform. One can only wonder where the Heat go from here, following the loss of their longtime franchise player.

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