Pau Gasol inks deal with San Antonio Spurs

Following the blockbuster news that the most sought after talent in this year's free agency pool (Kevin Durant) signed with the Golden State Warriors, it seems that the rest of the league is trying to play catch up, one way or another. In the latest news, it has been confirmed that longtime veteran big man Pau Gasol has signed a two-year deal with the San Antonio Spurs in the ballpark of $30 million, along with a player option in the second year. Gasol is arguably one of the greatest European players to ever play in the NBA, second only to Dirk Nowitzki in terms of achievements and accolades (even though Pau does have one more ring than Dirk).

The Spaniard has spent the last few seasons with the Bulls, and before that, his most lucrative stint with the Los Angeles Lakers, where he was able to win back-to-back titles and appear in 3 straight Finals appearances alongside Kobe Bryant. Gasol is certainly older now than he was when he was winning championships in LA, but it's clear that he, too, wants to chase another ring. Even though it seems virtually impossible to beat the Golden State Warriors after the signing of Kevin Durant, the Cleveland Cavaliers showed the entire Basketball world in the 2016 Finals that Golden State can be beat. What's more, the San Antonio Spurs stand the best chance of contending with the Warriors in the Western Conference, and the addition of Pau Gasol into the lineup will only serve to bolster their roster and improve the Spurs' chances.

Dwayne Wade still undecided

After spending his entire career with the Miami Heat, and leading his team to three championships since 2006, there is a very distinct possibility that Wade may not finish his career in Miami. Wade is looking for an offer of $50 million over the course of the next two years, and as it stands, Miami is a bit too cash-strapped to offer such a lucrative deal, even to someone as valuable to the franchise as Wade has been.

The Denver Nuggets have offered Wade a deal that would meet his demands, but, even so, it's hard to imagine him playing anywhere other than South Beach.

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