OKC acquire Victor Oladipo, say goodbye to Serge Ibaka

This is an interesting signing for the Thunder, as it can be viewed as both a contingency plan if and when Kevin Durant decides to leave OKC, but, it can also be viewed as a possible incentive for Durant to stay, with the acquisition of more talent. In exchange, the Thunder parted ways with Serge Ibaka. Ibaka is a solid defender and rebounder with the ability to stretch the floor and hit the open shot, however, what the Thunder lose in defense, they more than make up for in offense with Oladipo. The Thunder have let go of some top quality talent over the course of the last few years with both Reggie Jackson and James Harden, but, it will be interesting to see how Oladipo meshes with his new team.

As for Orlando, they still have a squad of promising young talent, and it's possible that Ibaka's experience and defensive intensity will rub off on the young players.

Dwight Howard in the ATL

Dwight Howard has once again found a new team after a disastrous year in Los Angeles, followed by a failed experiment in Houston. Howard has signed a 3-year, $70.5 million deal to suit up for the Hawks. While Howard (30) is certainly still young, and certainly still has a handful of good years left in the tank, it'll be interesting to see which Howard the Hawks will likely get. Will it be a rejuvenated Howard that harkens back to his glory days in Orlando? Or, will it be the uninspired and under-performing Howard we've seen over the course of the last few seasons?

Howard will get the chance to play in front of his home crowd, and, maybe that will be enough to revitalize himself as a player. As of now, there's still no word as to where Al Horford will wind up, so it remains to be seen whether or not the two big men will play alongside one another in the upcoming season.

Harrison Barnes to the Mavericks?

Despite being a member of the Golden State Warriors for the last few seasons (winning a title last year, and nearly repeating this year), there's no denying that he was under-utilized this season, and didn't have much of an impact in this year's finals. It comes as no surprise, then, that Barnes would attempt to look elsewhere, and, it appears that Dallas is the place.

Barnes has agreed to a four-year max deal. The Warriors will have the opportunity to match the offer, but, with the max deal in the ballpark of $95 million, it's more than likely that the Warriors will part ways with Barnes in their pursuit of potentially landing Kevin Durant or some other high-profile player.

The Dallas Mavericks themselves are in a bit of an interesting position. Much like the Los Angeles Lakers are having to do now, the Dallas Mavericks are in the position of preparing for a post-Dirk Nowitzki team. As Dirk has been a member of the Mavs for the duration of his career, this is still something of an unheard of thought to process for Mavs fans, however, the franchise is clearly looking for ways to transition into the next phase of Dallas Basketball with Dirk in the twilight of, and winding down his career.

Overall, Barnes isn't a bad place to look to build from. He's a young player with both size and the ability to stretch the floor and hit the open shot. With the stacked roster that Golden State has had, it can also be argued that Barnes hasn't been given the proper platform to fully showcase his skills and to fully reach his potential in his own personal growth as a player, and, it's clear that both the Mavs and Barnes are hoping that Dallas is the ideal place for him to do just that.

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