The National Basketball Association is getting set to make one of its biggest shows of support for the LGBT community in the league’s history. According to a USA Todayreport citing two sources familiar with the situation, the NBA is preparing to move the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte.The move is a response to North Carolina’s sweeping law that would prevent local establishments from enacting ordinances to protect LGBT individuals from discrimination.

Commish concerned about conflicts of interest

Speaking at the most recent board of governor’s meeting last week, NBA commissionerAdam Silver said that he was “disappointed” that North Carolina didn’t make any changes to the anti-LGBT legislation.

But prior to that, he was already worried about the ramifications of pulling the All-Star Game from Charlotte, given that the city has its own NBA team, and the state of North Carolina has the Charlotte Hornets’ developmental team, the D-League’s Greensboro Swarm. Considering those facts, Silver said in April that he was concerned about the “statement” the NBA would make about these teams should he decide to pull the All-Star Game from Charlotte.

“The issue for us, and maybe this is different than where some of the other businesses find themselves in North Carolina, is that we have a team in North Carolina, and that distinction, for example, between the All-Star Game and the regular operation of a team is not clear to me,” Silver commented at that time.

Three months later, the commissioner was further quoted as saying that the league is now in a conundrum, with the “controversy” and “amount of discussion” surrounding North Carolina government’s “hardened” anti-LGBT views making it difficult to host 2017’s All-Star weekend in such a place.

Chicago, New York, Brooklyn among possible alternatives to Charlotte

In a separate report, ESPN said that the NBA is currently considering several NBA cities as alternatives should it become official that the All-Star Game won’t be held in Charlotte next year. The shortlist reportedly includes Chicago, New York, and Brooklyn, according to ESPN’s sources, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Moving All-Star Game could cost North Carolina $100 million

The ESPN report also cited North Carolina Senator Jeff Jackson (D), who lamented the press relations disaster the NBA’s potential move could cause, and how it could cost Charlotte and the state itself up to $100 million.

“A lot of that money would go to schools, healthcare, and roads,” Jackson told ESPN in a very critical interview where he fired verbal shots at his state’s governor. “We've sacrificed all of that for [Governor Pat McCrory's] social agenda. He would rather pander to his base than fix an obvious mistake that has major consequences."

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