Michael Page, a British MMA fighter, may be a fan of the hit game Pokemon Go. At least it looks that way because on Saturday he knocked out his opponent and proceeded to 'catch' him as he laid on the mat.The fight happened at Bellator 158, and Michael Page was facing off against Evangelista Santos, nicknamed Cyborg. Four minutes and thirty-one seconds into the second round, Santos was knocked out.Santos tried to take Page down, and as he was ducking down, he was caught with a knee to the head. The crowd in London, Page's hometown, went nuts afterwards.After Santos got knocked out, Page started to celebrate.

He proceeded to don a Pokemon cap and then took out a Pokeball, a tool that catches Pokemon creatures in the game. He then rolled the ball in the direction of Santos.

Michael Page's knee fractured Santos' skull

Michael Page put on a great performance, and the Pokemon stunt was entertaining, but Evangelista Santos suffered a serious injury. As a result of the knee to the head, Santos suffered a fractured skull. It was so bad that he had to go in for surgery.Santos verified that he had received surgery, after his ex-wife, MMA fighter Cris Justino, took to social media to post about his injury. Justino asked fans to say a prayer for Santos.She also said that he was still in the hospital. Furthermore, she said hospital staff didn't know when Santos would be able to fly again, but there's concern that the brain will swell, which may cause more damage.

About Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a game that was released recently. Since then, it has gained a tremendous amount of attention. The app has broken a number of records, but numerous people have gotten into accidents while playing the game.In Britain, one Pokemon Go player was hit by a motorbike as he was playing the game while crossing the road.

Other players have had to be rescued from a cave, while one woman in America stumbled across a dead body while playing the game.

The object of the game is to catch Pokemon. The app uses players' locations and displays Pokemon creatures in their area.

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