It’s no secret that UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt has some major beef with Brock Lesnar, who beat him via unanimous decision at UFC 200 and has since flunked in-competition and non-competition drug tests. Now it seems that he also has some big-time gripes against his very own promotion, as suggested by a recent interview.

Super Samoan pulls no punches on The MMA Hour.

As Lesnar’s positive test results for clomiphene were made public after the fact, as opposed to Jon Jones, who was taken off the card on short notice after testing positive for the same substance, that has led “The Super Samoan” to demand that he receive all of Lesnar’s UFC 200 prize money so he can stay with the company.

But those comments from earlier this month were followed up with more vitriol, as the 42-year-old New Zealander raged against Lesnar and the UFC on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour.

Hunt wants long, career-changing bans for dopers.

Speaking on The MMA Hour, Hunt repeatedly called out so-called “cheaters” who use prohibited substances to aid their fight performance. He demanded that the UFC prevent such individuals from earning any sort of prize money and “go straight to (criminal) court” for their offenses. This, he believes, would give “cheaters” less of an incentive to do so, as they would “get nothing” if caught and punished accordingly by UFC.

"Make them banned for five or 10 years,” Hunt added.

“There goes your career. Five, 10 years, you have no career left and not only that, you lose all of your money. You're done as a fighter. That'll stop you from doing it.” The outspoken fighter also said that he won’t work for any company that implies that it doesn’t mind people cheating on their drug tests, as these companies encourage a culture where people can get away with such actions.

Will Mark Hunt leave UFC if company doesn’t act on his demands?

The earlier comments were just the tip of the iceberg for Hunt, who liberally peppered his next few statements with cusswords, even going as far as cussing out the UFC for not looking after its fighters and threatening to work for another mixed martial arts promotion.

Hunt, who is of Samoan descent, also let loose with some racially-charged comments about his UFC 200 opponent Lesnar, who is Caucasian. Further,he threatened legal action against the UFC if his demands aren't met, and said that the company can sue him in turn for his remarks.

"I'll go and work somewhere else," Hunt spat out. "Like I said, I don't give a s***. If we've got to sue their asses, well then f***you, you're going to get sued...The problem is everyone these days (is like), ‘man, I want to get into the UFC.' F***the UFC...You motherf******don't look after nobody."

A more complete transcript of Hunt’s controversial quotes, including the aforementionedcomments about Lesnar,can be found here.

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