Depending on how one analyzes the situation, Manny Pacquiao is opening doors to further backlash with alleged plans of returning to boxing. Worse, his credibility is at stake.

Did Pacquiao play the people?

Back in April, many were under the impression that Pacquiao’s third encounter with Timothy Bradley Jr. washis last one. The only exception then was a rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr., who incidentally is retired as well.

The reason behind Pacquiao’s retirement plans was his intent to devote full time to public service as a senator. Despite worries about his attendance, the eight-time division champion promised to improve on it and be more conscious of his duties as a duly elected public official in the Philippines.

Pacquiao won a senate seat with most hoping to see him stick to his promise, not only attendance, but as a senator. That did not include a return to the ring, which has recently been making headlines.

Pacquiao already applying for a leave of absence?

Uproar expectedly rose recently following word that Pacquiao was asking Senate president Franklin Drillon for a way to work around his attendance during sessions. The thought alone drew howls from the Filipino people with the “PacMan” slowly going back on his word.

Pacquiao was aware of the public response and explained that should he fight again, he will create his own time and that training will happen in the Philippines.

Technically admits ring return

By explaining one issue, Pacquiao opens up another round of problems on his end. Apparently, he does have plans of returning to the ring and some Filipinos have started to shake their heads in disbelief. The boxing icon has verbally gone back on his word despite convincing many that he was done with the sport.

Only boxing fans will understand

As it is, Pacquiao will gain the approval of a select few and most are boxing fans. But for the ones who take their votes and the state of their country seriously, this will be another row he will have to endure.

No one can blame Pacquiao for wanting to fight again. It is an instinct born in athletes, their competitive nature.

But mixing it with politics throws anyone into the lion’s den. Sadly, Pacquiao did just that when he ran for a senatorial seat.

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