Week 1 of College Football

Every college Football fan knows the feeling of August. Those long four weeks where you cannot wait to turn on your TV and watch college football. This year, the wait is a lot worse than other years. This is perhaps the best opening week in the history of college football.

Many power 5 schools are scheduling one big game a year against another power 5 team. This is an important step for the sport, as the NCAA wants to help schools take the next step with making schedules harder. LSU and Wisconsin is an intriguing matchup for several reasons.

  • Can the Badgers win on a national stage?
  • Will Fournette continue to dominate?
  • Has LSU sold its quarterback issue?

Last year, both of these teams met in a neutral site game.

Although the game was close, LSU did pull out the victory. Since Les Miles has taken over, it is rare that LSU loses a neutral site game. Over time, LSU has become one of the top programs in the entire nation. They are stocked full of talent, and many people are excited to see them in 2016. They do have a couple of questions that need to be answered, but they are a perennial top 10 team this year according to many experts.


There are few programs in the country that have as basic of an offense as Wisconsin. It seems like they have been running the same offense for 50 years now. However, just because an offensive style is basic this does not mean that it doesn't work. Wisconsin is a dangerous opponent for a couple of reasons.

They are not intimidated by playing LSU like many other teams would be. In addition, they stick to their style of play no matter what the circumstances are. By taking this approach, they ensure that they are able to continue to produce no matter what happens in the game. There are a lot of fans who are worried about whether they will be able to matchup with the talent level of LSU.


Wisconsin has a quality team that could make some noise later in the year with a couple of upsets. However, they simply do not have the talent that LSU brings to the table. Over the past few years, LSU has been money in these types of games. I would guess that it is close in the first half, but by the fourth quarter the athletes of LSU will have probably taken over.

Look for LSU to win by a couple of touchdowns and to cover the spread. LSU wins 31 - 14.

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