Kris Bryant Made History

During the Chicago Cubs Vs. Cincinnati Reds game one, Kris Bryant was up five times and made a statement by hitting a double, homer, double, homer, homer. Bringing in six runs during the game. He is the first youngest andmodern major league player to have two doubles and three home runs in one game since 1913. Kris Bryant has had 23 home runs for this season only three home runs from what he had last season ending with 26 home runs. As of June 27, 2016, the Cubs have played eight games against the Reds, and Bryant has had thirteen runs, four doubles, seven home runs and seventeen runs batted in.

Bryant has been an active player for the Chicago Cubs. He is as great defensively as he is at bat. During the game, Bryant played 3rd Base, Right Field, and Left Field. He is the first player to run a total of sixteen bases and have played three positions in one game.

2015 Stats.

Kris Bryant went up to bat 559 times and hit 154 times. Bryant had Runs Batted In 99 times and homered a total of 26 times. During his first season. Bryant stoked out 199 times in total for the season. He also made it to his first All-star game as well as did the home run derby where he has his father pitch for him.

2016 Stats so far.

So far this season Bryant has had 305 at bats with 64 runs and 85 hits. So far Bryant has homered 23 times with about half of the season to go.

He has also had 61 runs batted in so far this season. Bryant is a very valued player at the plate and defensively.

Defensive Positions 2015.

During Bryant’s first season he played first base, third base, left field, centerfield, and right field. Though his primary position is third base, Joe Maddon likes to be able to more players around as need be.

Defensive Positions 2016.

So far this year Maddon has placed Bryant at first base, shortstop, third base, left field, center field and right field. Maddon as shown how he likes to more his team around throughout the game.


Bryant is a very valued player at the plate and on the field for third to first and even in the outfieldthis is going to be a great year for Kris Bryant and the ChicagoCubs.

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