Kevin Durant shocks the world

Kevin Durant is one of the best players in the NBA. In a shocking move, he recently announced that he would be signing with the Golden State Warriors. Many people were surprised when Golden State did not win the NBA title this year. With all of the talent on this team, the expectations are going to be sky high going into 2016. Over the long term, these major moves tend to work out for NBA stars. No matter what you think of Lebron's decision to go to the NBA, it was a good move on his part because he won several championships. There are several variables that make this a good choice for Kevin Durant.

  • Championships
  • More money
  • More visibility
  • Lots of Press next year

Each NBA should look at their career as a brand. Over the long term, the teams that have a lot brand awareness tend to help their players. This offseason, there have been a lot of major signing. Elite players like Kevin Durant are only going to continue to benefit from these massive deals.

Kevin Durant's expectations next year

One of the major negatives with this deal revolves around fan expectations for next year. Any time the Warriors lose a game, there are going to be fans and experts who call for a change of leadership on the team. Although it is true this is probably the most talented team to ever play the game, there needs to be some awareness of what is expected.

Many fans are going to be disappointed if this team does not break the regular season win record. Whatever ends up happening, the expectations on Kevin Durant just increased tremendously. It remains to be seen whether Kevin Durant will live up to these expectations. All of this press is great for his overall brand.

Even if he is seen as a villain by fans, he will still be able to cash in. All press is good press, even if it means that he has to deal with crazy Oklahoma City fans over the next couple of years. Can you imagine how wild the playoffs will be next year if these two teams meet? This is good for the NBA and good for Kevin Durant.

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