Joey Chestnut

Competitive hot dog eating was never a major sport 20 years ago. However, with all of the media we have today, every 4th of July we get to root on a great American success story. Even Donald Trump is happy with his performance, and he is now getting a chance to focus on something other than his bad poll numbers. Joey Chestnut was able to win the 2016 hot dog eating competition, and with relative ease. There are many factors to consider in the amount of hotdogs he was able to consume. First of all, his streak of 8 straight titles was broken last year, and this made him even more driven to win this year.

Over the long term, hot dog eating is something that can affect your health. He does not let this get in his way of eating, and he is now the best player in the history of the world.

2016 domination

What makes this year special was how much he dominated the competition. He was able to put down 17 more hotdogs than the second closest guy, who happens to be the person who beat him last year in a major upset. It is hard to put into words how great of an upset last year was. There are few sports analogies that mesh with hotdog eating, but it would almost be like a middle school team beating a college team. This drove Joey Chestnut to work even harder, and he was able to win by the largest margin of victory that anyone has ever seen.

He is in the prime of his career, and ever since 2006 he has dominated the world in this sport.

Changing of the guard

Many fans still remember that hot day in 2016 when he defeated Kobayashi to take over the crown. At the time, it was a huge upset that many people thought could never happen. At the time, Kobayashi was thought to be unbeatable.

Then, a goofy looking American barely edged out Kobayashi to take home the belt. Ever since then, he has been on a tear defeating everyone in his path. Some people thought his best days were behind him after last year. However, he quickly found out that he now has more passion than ever before. Congrats to Joey Chestnut for making America Great Again.

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