The NFL has a lot of players who have been in the News lately for their actions. For example, Isaiah Crowell, a running back who plays for the Browns, recently posted a picture on a social media site showing a police officer being harmed. This was in response to various reports lately about people who have been killed by police officers across the country.

Many fans were outraged by his post, and he has apologized for doing so. The issue is that he is a role model for many young children. There are a lot of people who look up to him, and posting something like that is just a terrible example for people across the country.

Instead of inciting violence, he should be concentrating on making the roster.

Although he has apologized for his actions, he still faces a major backlash from many people in his community. Cleveland is a fairly conservative town, built on blue-collar values and hard work. In response to this outcry, he has decided to donate his first game's paycheck to make up for his actions.

Searching for common sense

In today's world of social media, all athletes should realize that they have a podium from which they act. Instead of trying to incite violence or unrest, they need to realize that young people are looking up to them. Isaiah Crowell did apologize, and he is giving a nice gesture by donating money to make up for this actions.

The issue is that this is a huge slap in the face to the local police department. A lot of people are disappointed by his actions, and the Cleveland Browns now look bad to the rest of the league.

Free speech

Controlling speech is something that the NFL does not have the power to do, nor should they. Athletes have lives outside of their careers, and this always something important to remember.

Although he made a mistake, he still has the right to speak his opinion. The problem was showing what he did was a way to show his support for what happened in Dallas where several officers were killed. It remains to be seen how fans will react to him at the start of the year. It is safe to say that he regrets his decision, and this should be a lesson for others as well.

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