How did this crazy summer begin?

A few weeks ago one of the biggest news in sports changed the landscape of the NBA. Kevin Durant has decided to sign a 2 year 54 million dollar deal with the Golden State warriors. Many people were disgusted with Durant's decision.. ESPN commentator and TV personality Stephen A Smith thought his decision was the "weakest" move he has ever seen. Charles Barkley had a similar position and said that Durant is "cheating" to get rings. With a week passed by it is now time to focus the attention on Russell Westbrook.

Now what?

The Boston Celtics are singled out as a prime destination though nothing is certain.Celtics GM Danny Ainge is known for being aggressive and making blockbuster trades.

In the summer of 2007 Ainge traded for Kevin Garnett and signed Ray Allen which led to an NBA championship. The only thing is that this time the Celtics might have to give up something big.

Almost ten years later it looks like Ainge is trying to pull off the same thing to compete in the east and possibly capture another championship. It is not sure if the Thunder management is willing to deal Westbrook just yet. Just after Durant's departure, Westbrook denied an extention with the Thunder making him still the top free agent in the summer of 2017. According to reports the Thunder feel that they're going to get a very angry Westbrook in the upcoming season because of Durant's departure. A lot of people feel that the Thunder's point guard was angered by the decision.

Durant spoke about leaving for Golden State and how it will effect the relationship he built with Westbrook.“I just let him know how I felt. Obviously, our relationship probably won’t ever be the same again. But it’s something that I wanted to do, and I expressed that to him. And hopefully he respected it.” Westbrook has not yet spoken about Durant leaving publicly but that will come soon once next season arrives.

What should we be anticipating?

Westbrook will have a tough decision next summer when it comes to staying or going. The Thunder made a great trade for a slasher in Victor Oladipo to be the sidekick to Westbrook. The Lakers are another team that are on a hunt for Westbrook's services but at the same time the Lakers are a rebuilding project and Westbrook wants a win now.

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