History of Notre Dame

Notre Dame has one of the most decorated Football programs in all of college football. Many fans of the Fighting Irish feel like this team has what it takes to compete for a championship. Although rival Michigan is getting a lot of hype, Notre Dame was just one game away from playing for the national championship last year. Although they did lose the bowl game to Ohio State, Brian Kelley has one of his most talented teams in South Bend, IN this year.

Notre Dame is a program that is used to competing for championships at a high level. Over the past couple of years, they simply have not lived up to expectations.

Notre Dame did play in the national championship game in 2012, but they were absolutely destroyed by a good Alabama team. Many people think that Notre Dame benefits from a schedule that is easy to craft and design. It will be interesting to see how this team responds after all of the offseason hype.

Defense replacing Jaylon Smith

Before getting injured in the bowl game, Jaylon Smith was considered the best linebacker in the country. Many people thought that he would be a top 10 pick easily. However, he was injured in the bowl game against Ohio State and the defense never recovered. After he went out of the game, the defense did not play with the same fire that they played with before his injury.

Many fans are starting to worry about how the defense will look without him on the field. If the bowl game was any indication, it is not going to be good. Coach Brian Kelley needs to have his defense firing on all cylinders to win the big games this year.

Winning the big one

Notre Dame has been a consistent program in college football over the past ten years.

However, they have the reputation of being highly rated and then getting knocked back down when they face good competition. If Notre Dame wants to prove the haters wrong, they have to start winning big games on a consistent basis. When they play teams like USC, Michigan, or Ohio State, they need to start winning them.

There are a lot of fans who feel like this team is ready to compete for a national championship this year. In fact, many pre-season magazines have this team as a top 10 contender going into 2016.

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