Hockey’s Heroes Foundation was established in 2010 by professional hockey player Dan Fritsche. The goal of the foundation is to help as many families as possible who are fighting pediatric cancer.

Raising money for a good cause.

Through the years, the foundation has provided thousands of dollars to those families in need. "Hockey's Heroes was started after I played for the Columbus Blue Jackets," said Fritsche. "During my time with them I spent a lot of time visiting the Children's Hospital with the Blue Jackets Foundation. I became really close with a lot of kids and their families. One kid in particular was Ryan Salmons.

Both Ryan and his family became great friends of mine and stayed in touch. Ryan passed away about 6 years ago and I think it was his passing that really made me want to get involved in some way," said Fritsche.

Support Hockey's Heroes Foundation

So how can you help support Hockey's Heroes Foundation? One way is to purchase a hockey lace support bracelet for $15. 100% of the proceeds go to families fighting pediatric cancer. Bracelets can be purchased on the Hockey's Heroes website. Another way to support Hockey's Heroes is by attending the annual Hockey's Heroes Golf Outing. As with the bracelets, 100% of proceeds will help families fighting pediatric cancer. The majority of the money raised is used for medical expenses, but according to Fritsche, "we have used some of the money to buy gifts for the kids to put a smile on their face."

It's been six years since Fritsche started Hockey's Heroes.

When asked what some of the best moments are so far, he said many are at the golf outings because it's there that he sees how generous people really are. Another top moment is the days that he gets to meet with the families that are dealing with so much. "Seeing the smile on the kids faces and the appreciation from the parents, that's what keeps our foundation going strong," added Fritsche.

Fritsche said when he started the foundation he knew he wanted the word hockey in it, not only because of his families history with the sportbut because he knew he wanted to target the hockey community.

"In my opinion, there are no better people in the sports world than the hockey community. I think everybody that plays the game just grows up in great families and then surrounds themselves with great people at the rinks and in the locker rooms," Fritsche said.

There will not be a golf outing this summer, but the foundation is raising money with continued sales of their bracelets and donating a portion from their hockey camps. Fritsche says he looks forward to coming back strong with the outing next year. Learn more at

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