Georgia Bulldogs

After sending Mark Richt packing to Miami, the Georgia Bulldogs have a new head coach in Kirby Smart. He spent many years under the influence of Nick Saban as his defensive coordinator. Georgia has had many issues in the past of players getting in trouble before the season starts. In fact, former head coach Steve Spurrier said that he loved playing them early in the season because odds were that someone would be suspended. This is a great one liner, but it also shows the struggles that the team has had in the past.

Jonathan Ledbetter is a great defensive player who was projected to start this season along the front seven of the defense.

As a versatile player, he has a lot to offer a young team that is looking for leadership. In his first incident, Kirby Smart suspended him for the first game of the year against North Carolina. Although that may not seem like a big deal, North Carolina is going to be a tough matchup for the Bulldogs. After this latest incident, Kirby Smart has not said what the specific punishment will be. To be fair, the charges in the first incident were dropped.

Player discipline

Running a program with good player discipline is essential. Over the past couple of years, many schools have started to get tougher with discipline. There are so many issues that come from the age of social media when a student gets in trouble.

In addition, some schools are being sued for the way that their students break the law and the school willingly lets them stay. Baylor is in the midst of a huge scandal right now, and it has put a black eye on the program overall.

Season outlook

Jonathan Ledbetter is a great player and will contribute to the defense this year.

If he can get his act together, he can be a force for good on the Georgia team. However, as a new head coach, it is important to show your team that discipline is important to you. By choosing not to discipline his player, Kirby Smart may send the signal that these types of actions are OK in the future.

It will be interesting to see whether he faces the same problems that Mark Richt faced while he was at Georgia.

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