Fantasy football is at anall-timehigh in terms of popularity.

Millions of people across the world play every week, and some even earn a living from playing the sport they love.

This year, a lot of players have already started to look at their drafting strategy. Over time, there have been a lot of new forms of this game come up.

Multiple quarterbacks, points per reception, and other choices are all great options to choose from. However, there remains a central theme in all leagues: draft the players who are going to earn the most points for you throughout the season.

Instead of looking at points scored last year, there are a couple of other ways to pick players.

  • Injuries in the Past
  • Offensive Line Strength
  • Personnel Changes
  • Free Agents

A lot of people do not like to put a lot of research into drafting their team. However, there are others who will spend hours trying to find the gems within the draft.

Whichever option you choose, it is important that you follow a few simple rules.

Have a Plan

The most important thing to remember when drafting is to simply have a plan. A lot of people wait until the last minute when they are drafting to select a player and end up panicking. Go in with a strategy, and stick to that strategy no matter what happens.

If you are willing to take risks on quality players who get injured often like Gronkowski, that is fine but it is important to not flip flop throughout the entire draft.

Remember people who say that they would love to have a player that you drafted, as it may come in handy when you are looking to make a trade down the line. Whatever you do, always remember that unexpected things happen and to be prepared for that.

Have Fun

Fantasy football has become a huge industry within sports overall.

Although there are a lot of people who take the sport seriously, it is important to remember that the basis of the game play is to have fun.

Instead of trying to make it your entire life, spend a few hours a week looking at your team and deciding where there are opportunities for improvement.

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