The Definition of Grit.

Eric Berry has always had a lot of talent. As the son of a great Football player, he wanted to play football growing up. When he was at the University of Tennessee, Eric Berry stood out to fans because of his hard play and ability to make plays. He won the Jim Thorpe award in 2009, and then was drafted in the top 10 of the NFL draft in 2010. Since then, he has had a great NFL career on the Chiefs. About a year ago, he came down with a cancer diagnosis. Many people thought that this would be the end of his football career. Those people did not know the heart of this champion.

Even during his treatments, he continued to work out for football. He asked the nurses to give him extra IV's so that he could have the strength to keep moving forward. Over time, he was able to build his strength back up to where he could compete at a high level in the NFL. Ever since returning, it was like he never got sick. This is a great example of the impact that determination can make in a person's life.

2016 Outlook.

Eric Berry is projected to have another great season for the Kansas City Chiefs. He is one of those players who is always around the ball ready to make plays. The Chiefs are a team that is ready to make a major impact on their season by adding additional talent to the roster.

Berry will help to anchor the back end of the defense this year. After hearing his speech last night, it is easy to see why fans love him in both Tennessee and in Kansas City. Over time, he has a way of growing on people and making them feel like a part of the community.

Future Plans.

Eric Berry is the type of person who will succeed at whatever he puts his mind to.

He is one of those rare people who have the needed combination of talent and work ethic to succeed at the highest levels in sports. He is going to be great at whatever he does in life, and fans from all over the country are now rooting for him. Maybe he will end up coaching football one day, or he could be a great motivational speaker.

Whatever he ends up doing, he will have a ton of fans after his speech last night.

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