Warriors superstar Draymond Green hasn't had much positive news around him in the past few months. First, he kicked several people in the private parts throughout the NBA playoffs, establishing himself as an already unlikeable athlete. Now he's been arrested, adding to the bad news that seems to now surround him.


According to reporter Brandon Quinn, Draymond Green was arrested for assault in East Lansing, where he grew up.

The details and names surrounding Draymond's arrest are not yet known, but we will likely be updated in the next few days.

Scott Wrigglesworth, the East Lansing Public Information Officer, had this to say after the arrest: "What I can confirm is that we did arrest a current NBA Basketball player this weekend and he was arrested for assault. That's all we're confirming right now." It's surprising that hedidn't just say Draymond's name in the quote. This doesn't leave much room for speculation.


This is bad news for a player that the Warriors will definitely be relying on next season. And it's even worse news for the Olympic basketball team that Green was supposed to be playing on this summer. Team USA head coach Jerry Colangelo and the Golden State Warriors are not planning on saying anything until they are able to learn much more about the incident.

If the allegations are serious, Colangelo will have no choice but to kick Draymond Green off the team.

There's absolutely no reason to keep Draymond Green on the U.S. team while he deals with the U.S. legal system.

The situation with the Warriors is a little bit different. Draymond plays a key role on the team and the Warriors need him for next season, even with the addition of Kevin Durant. For now, the Warriors can only hope that the allegations aren't too serious.

If they are, the Warriors organization will be faced with a series of tough decisions regarding Draymond Green's future with the Warriors.


Any arrest obviously calls into question the character of Draymond Green as a person. Still, we can't be too quick to call Green guilty before hearing more details about the case. If this is a minoroffense, nobody will care and Draymond will be able to continue living his life without worrying about the events in East Lansing. But there is a chance that this arrest is for a major offense, which would place a blemish on Draymond for the rest of his life. Let's hope that things aren't too serious, for the sake of Draymond Green's future.

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