Derrick Rosefaces mounting legal troubles as a judge denied a motion to dismiss a civil complaint against him and two other people. The complaint, made by a person referred to as Jane Doe, alleges that Rose and two friends drugged and raped her at her house in 2013. The complaint has similarities to the numerous ones filed against Bill Cosby.

The complaint against Derrick Rose.

Thecomplaint against him, filed in 2015, alleges that he, Randall Hampton, and Ryan Allen drugged and sexually assaulted the woman after dropping her off at her house after a party. At the time, he played for the Chicago Bulls.

Now playing for theNew York Knicks, he continues to maintain his innocence. He states that the encounter was consensual and that no drugs of any kind were involved. He also states that Jane Doe briefly dated him. They met in 2011 during the NBA Lockout and hit it off.

While she does admit the last part is true, the plaintiff states that she broke up with Rose in part because he allegedly had a habit of pressuring her into sexual encounters that she did not feel comfortable with, including sex with his friends.

Denial of Derrick Rose's motion.

Rosehas moved to get the charges dismissed. He claims that the plaintiff is filing a false sexual assault charge in order to get money out of him. He backs up this claim by pointing out that the woman in question waited two years to file the lawsuit.

However, the judge disagrees believes that the charges should get a hearing in open court.

"There can be no doubt that genuine disputes exist as to almost every material fact in this action," Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald wrote in his ruling on the motion. The text of the ruling was obtained by ESPN.

The lawsuit states that the woman waited two years because she was afraid of retaliation.

She was also been afraid thatRosewas monitoring her texts and phone calls. According to the lawsuit, she was so traumatized by the alleged incident that she couldn't function and lost her job.

Impact on Derrick Rose

The trial will commence in October. If the trial goes forward, it will likely cut into his ability to play for the New York Knicksas their training camp also runs around that time.

It may even cut into the 2016-2017 season if it becomes prolonged.Rosebelieves he will be found innocent.

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