In October of 2015, Alberto Del Rio made his return to WWE, little more than a year after the promotion fired him for a backstage altercation with an employee who allegedly made racist remarks. But his current run may be coming to an end very soon, if a new report from the Wrestling Observer newsletter is to be believed.

Del Rio may opt out of WWE by September

In a report earlier this week, Wrestling Observer’s well-connected Dave Meltzer wrote that Del Rio has an opt-out clause in his contract that would let him leave WWE by September. This is a month earlier than what was previously reported, but in any case, the veteran Mexican performer’s weeks in WWE may be numbered.

Possibility of joining TNA has been mooted

Separately reporting on the matter, Wrestling News’ Corey Jacobs wrote Thursday that “a friend of (Del Rio’s)” from TNA has been sending feelers to see if he’s interested in signing with WWE’s top rival if he chooses to opt out of his contract. At the present, TNA cannot make any proper offers to Del Rio as he is still under contract with WWE, but Jacobs cited the Meltzer report, which noted that TNA “has a lot of interest” in the 39-year-old veteran wrestler, but may be offering him much less than the “big-money deal” WWE paid him to return to the company in 2015.If Del Rio does join TNA, that would go against previous statements he had made regarding the career options he had after he was fired from WWE in 2014.

Storylines have left a lot to be desired

As far as recent months are concerned, one can say that Del Rio has been far more interesting outside the ring than inside. After all, his relationship with Paige had gotten the Internet wrestling community talking when it was first revealed in May, and the relationship remains a hot topic among wrestling fans, with the two ending up on different brands after the recent WWE draft.

But his newer in-ring storylines haven’t exactly excited anyone, starting from the unexpected alliance with former rival Zeb Colter, where the then-returning Mexican star bought into the anti-immigration heel manager’s “MexAmerica” initiative. Predictably, that didn’t go down too well, as this storyline was frequently mentioned as one of 2015’s worst.

Succeeding storylines weren’t much better, as post-MexAmerica, Del Rio joined up with fellow foreign heels Sheamus, Rusev, and Bad News Barrett, forming the League of Nations stable. That was a lukewarm midcard factionthat never got over with fans, and since the League of Nations’ breakup, there haven't been any feuds of consequence to speak of.

All told, it won’t be any surprise if Del Rio decides to walk away from WWE less than a year after his much-publicized return.

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