Houston Cougars

Few teams in the country have as much swagger as the Houston Cougars. Going into the season, no one knew what to expect out of first year coach Tom Herman. However, he impressed all of the doubters as Houston had one of the best seasons in recent memory.

Not only did they do a great job in the American Athletic Conference, which was much better than many people expected, but they beat a really good Florida State team in their bowl game. Looking ahead to 2016, all eyes will be on whether this team can continue to have success. There are many people who wonder aloud about whether it can be sustained.

There are several keys to the season for this Houston Cougars squad.

  • Lack of Injuries
  • Consistent Play
  • Stay Aggressive

With the first game of the season, Houston is matched up against a really good Oklahoma team. This is the same team that made it to the college football playoff last year before being beat by Oklahoma. Houston needs to start their season off with a bang, and to do so they will need to beat Oklahoma. That is much easier said than done.


There are a lot of fans in Oklahoma who are tired of having great seasons without bringing home championships. Not only have they lost in the national championship against both LSU and USC, but they lost to Clemson in the first round of the college Football playoff last year.

Many fans think that Coach Stoops should have more national championships to his name than he does right now. It will be a tough task for Oklahoma to return to the college football playoff this year. Not only do they have to play Houston, but they will be a target every week in the Big 12. Over time, they must continue to be consistent with their style of play.

For this matchup, it will all be about whether Houston can build on their success from last year. From a pure talent stand point, there is no comparison between Oklahoma and Houston. However, Houston does have a solid quarterback who can make plays when needed. If Houston stays around for the fourth quarter, fans know that anything can happen.

Houston is not scared to go up against anybody in the entire country. In this game, it will be a bloodbath for control. I still think Oklahoma comes out of this one with a win.

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