Can Iowa continue in 2016?

Iowa was a great story last year. For the majority of the year, the Hawkeyes were undefeated. However, they also had one of the easiest schedules in the country. Iowa played Michigan State close, but they would lose against them in the last seconds.

In the Rose Bowl, Iowa was blown out by a much better Stanford team. For the second year in a row, Iowa was defeated soundly in their bowl game. In the Taxslayer bowl the year before, Tennessee absolutely destroyed the Hawkeyes. In 2016, Iowa wants to put last season behind them. Yes, it was a great season in terms of total losses.

However, many college Football fans across the country feel like Iowa was overrated the entire year. In order to get national respect, Iowa is going to have to beat some teams that are better than their schedule last year.

Stingy defense

Iowa is known for running the football and playing great defense. The defense is able to stop the run, and at times they can be dominating. The issue is when the defense has to play an offense with a lot of speed. When Iowa has played out of conference teams like Stanford or Tennessee, they have been blown out. A lot of people do not realize just how talented this defensive unit is. On a national stage, they tend to fair poorly because they are accustomed to playing in the Big Ten.

In order to take the next step as a program, Iowa is going to have to defeat a team with some chops on offense.

Consistent offense

Iowa's offensive identity is running the football. This is no surprise to anyone who has watched them play over the past couple of years. If Iowa's offense can control the clock, they can force teams to play their style of football.

A lot of teams feel like Iowa is going into the season overrated again. In our college football countdown, they are the #17 team in the country. With the Big Ten getting better each season, it is going to be hard for Iowa to accomplish much at all. Look for them to drop three or four games this season, and they will probably lose their bowl game too.

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