UCLA in 2016

UCLA is a Football program that should be a national power. They are just minutes from some of the best high school football talent in the state. In addition, USChas been down since the probation restrictions have hurt the program. However, during this time, the Bruins have not been able to take advantage and win big games. They had a great start to the season last year, but they would eventually lose their bowl game to a 5-7 Nebraska team.

In order to take their program to the next level, the Bruins must compete for a Pac 12 title. The Pac 12 is one of the most underrated conferences in the country.

There are a lot of teams that can compete at a national level in the conference. Stanford would have been a tough team for anyone to beat last year at the end of the season. USC has a huge matchup with Alabama in the first week of 2016. It will be interesting to see which teams take advantage and win big. Fans in LA are starting to wonder aloud about whether the Bruins will ever take the next step as a program.

Offensive firepower

The Bruins return a lot of starters to their team this year on offense. They have an experienced quarterback, and this is something that every team wishes they had. Over the long term, UCLA must win big games against teams in the conference. There are a lot of opportunities for the Bruins to win big on a national stage this year.

While USC is down, the time is now to strike against their hated rivals. Fans are quietly concerned about the direction of the program. Although UCLA comes in at #16 in our countdown, there is a lot of risk to the season this year.

Stop blowing games

The Bruins have started to blow a lot of big games in the past couple of years.

They always seem close to the top, but then they will drop a major game against a good opponent. Fans are tired of getting excited about UCLA and then the team failing down the stretch. LA has plenty of other sports opportunities, so fans do not have time to wait around for the team to return to glory.

Head coach Jim Mora must produce on the field.

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