Hugh Freeze

Ole Misshas been one of the best programs in the country since Hugh Freeze arrived. With his first recruiting class, he made a major splash on the college Football world. After beating Oklahoma State in their bowl game, Ole Miss was looking forward to taking the next step in 2016.

However, this offseason has been one of the worst in recent memory for one team. They have already imposed several recruiting restrictions on themselves, and that is before the NCAA has even weighed in on the issue. There are many fans nervous about the future of the program. This was the year that most of that great recruiting class went to the NFL.

How will the Rebels respond with the leaders of their program now playing for another team in another football league? Can they beat Alabama for the third year in a row? History says this is highly unlikely and there is still a lot of room for the Rebels to fall this year.


The Rebels' defense has been one of the biggest reasons for their rise over the past few years. They are losing a lot of production from this side of the ball, but they have been recruiting well enough that it should not be a huge drop-off. If Ole Miss is to compete for a championship in 2016, they are going to have to implement more speed on the defensive side of the ball. They get a tough draw of Georgia from the East this year, and that game is going to be a tough one to win.

In addition, they play Florida State as one of their nonconference opponents. Many Ole Miss fans would be happy if they simply split those two games.


The Rebels feel like a program that is about to drop off a cliff. Their recruiting violations are racking up, and many fans are starting to wonder about the overall direction of the program.

Hugh Freeze has been good for the school, but maybe his time is coming to an end. There is always a program that never meets their expectations, and this year it could be the Rebels with their tough schedule and talent leaving to the NFL. In our countdown, the Rebels come in at #15, but they could fall drastically from here.

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