Each college Football season renews hundreds of rivalries. Of those, the majority only have meaning to the teams playing the game. However, over the years some games have developed additional followings of their own.This is a countdown of college football's best rivalries from a national popularity perspective. These series are often not the closest but they have created the greatest overall interest.

15: Arizona vs. Arizona State

Also known as the Duel in the Desert.The rivalry started in 1899.Though Arizona State won the most recent game, Arizona leads the series 48-41-1.

14: Alabama vs. Tennessee

Also known as The Third Saturday in October,a reference to the traditional date of the game.

The series which began in 1901, is streaky.Alabama's current nine game win streak has allowed them to increase the official series lead of 52-38-7, (53-37-7 on the field).

13: Georgia vs. Auburn

Also known asThe Deep South's Oldest Rivalry.The series began in 1892.Georgia won the last two and leads the overall series 56-55-8.

12: Minnesota vs. Wisconsin

The football rivalry that has been played more than any other series in NCAA division one football.The series began in 1890 and Wisconsin has won a record 12 in a row since 2004. Still, Minnesota holds the overall series edge 59-58-8.

11: Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State

Also known as The Egg Bowl.The series began in 1901.Ole Miss, who has won the last two games, also holds the overall series lead, 63-43-6.

10: Clemson vs. South Carolina

Also known asThe Palmetto Bowl. Bothschools are located in South Carolina, 132 miles apart.The series began in 1896 and is played yearly, though the schools are in different conferences, ACC and SEC. Clemson has won the last two and holds the series edge, 67-42-4.

9: Oregon vs. Oregon State

Also known as the Civil War.The series began in 1894 and is the 5th most played of all rivalries.Oregon has won the last eight contests and leads overall, 62-46-10.

8: California vs. Stanford

Also known asThe Game.The series began in 1892 and is the seventh most played of all.

Stanford has won the last six games and leads overall 61-46-11.

7: Miami vs. Florida State

This series began in 1951. Still, it has had a history of big games.Florida State has won the last six meetings but Miami holds the series edge 31-29.

6: Georgia vs. Florida

The series began in 1904 according to Georgia and 1915 according to Florida. Played yearly in Jacksonville, Fla. It is one of the last true neutral site rivalry games left in college football.Florida won the last two games but according to them, UGA leads the series 49-42-2. Georgia claims to lead the series 50-42-2.As you would expect, not a lot of love lost between these two.

5: Notre Dame vs. USC

The series began in 1926 between two of college football's all-time greats.

Each of the school's claim 11 national championships and seven Heisman Trophy winners.Notre Dame won the last meeting and leads the series 46-36-5.

4: Michigan vs. Ohio State

The series began in 1897. Ohio State has taken advantage of Michigan's woes of late, winning 9 of the last 10, including last season.Michigan leads the series, 58-47-6.

3: Oklahoma vs. Texas

The series began in 1900. For most, it is referred to asThe Red River Shootout.Thepolitically correct call it,Red River Showdown.Texas won the most recent game and leads the series 61-44-5.

2: Army vs. Navy

The series began in 1890. Marking the end of the college football regular season, this game is the most tradition-rich of all the rivalries.

Navy is on the longest winning streak ever (14 games) and as a result, leads the series 60-49-7.

1: Alabama vs. Auburn

Also known as the Iron Bowl, this series began in 1893. The game was played in Birmingham every year until 2000 when it became a home/home series.Alabama has won the last two games and leads the series, 44-35-1.

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