The Chip Kelly Experiment is Over.

At one time, Chip Kelly was one of the hottest names in college and NFL football. As the head coach of Oregon, Chip Kelly brought that program to new heights. He was a different kind of football coach, one who was focused on bringing speed to the field. He was always an exciting coach to watch. His teams had several characteristics in common.

  • Speed Advantage
  • Using Full Field for Plays
  • Turnovers on Defense
  • Aggressive Style of Play

In the NFL, he was a decent head coach. However, he was a terrible general manager. Often times, it is difficult for coaches to perform both roles correctly.

Over time, he would eventually dismantle the roster of the Eagles and leave them in the spot that they are today. There are a lot of people who are interested in figuring out where the Eagles go next. After a ton of roster moves, many Eagles fans simply want to stick with the same team for a while. Over the next couple of years, the Eagles have to start building for the future instead of trying short term moves.


The quarterback situation in Philadelphia is one of the most interesting in the league. After a ton of trades, the Eagles finally got Sam Bradford for their team. Many people think he is the most over paid person in the entire NFL. Not only does he lack a dual threat ability, but he also is someone who has struggled to stay healthy.

The Eagles have to start looking at their offense as something in a full rebuilding mode. They had a great running back in Demarco Murray, but Chip Kelly traded him away to the Cowboys.

2016 Outlook.

After going 7-9 last year, the Eagles are looking to make the playoffs. The issue for them is that they were not able to take advantage of a bad division last year.

There are a lot of holes to fill for this team to compete at a high level. The good News is that the team signed Fletcher Cox to a mega deal this offseason. The defense is solid, but the offense has a lot of issues. The Eagles could make the playoffs this year, but many people would be surprised if that were to happen.

The official prediction is that the Eagles match their win total from 2015.

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