Ohio Statehad another great season in 2015. With one of the best running backs in recent memory, the Ohio State Buckeyes had a great offense and stingy defense. In fact, Ohio State had one of the best drafts in recent memory.

Not only didJoey Bosago in the top five, but Ezekiel Elliot did as well. From his first season in Columbus, Urban Meyer has helped to take his program to the next level. Jim Tressel did a great job, but Coach Meyer has his program as one of the top five in all ofcollegeFootball. Many fans are starting to wonder if they can repeat the success of the 2015 season next year.

Ohio State has a ton of talent to replace.

However, with the way that he has recruited, Coach Meyer should have no problem with reloading. Another factor working in the favor of Ohio State is the fact that they play in a conference that is not difficult to succeed in. Many teams, like those from the SEC, have a brutal schedule that beats them up all year. There are only one or two teams in the conference that can match up with Ohio State each week.

Michigan rivalry

The rivalry with Michigan is getting better each year. As the Wolverines continue to recruit better, they will be able to compete with Michigan on the field. Penn State still has not recovered from sanctions on their program, and Michigan State is probably going to have trouble living up to last year.

This leaves an age old foe, Michigan, standing in the way of Ohio State. Even if the Buckeyes lose one game this year, they still have a great shot at making the college football playoff. Even though they lose to Michigan State last year, they still beat a really good Notre Dame team in the Fiesta Bowl.

Fan expectations

As a college football coach at a major program, managing fan expectations is always difficult. There are a lot of fans who expect nothing less than a national championship every year. Clemson, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Ohio State are all legitimate national title contenders.

It will be interesting to see how the 2016 season shakes out, especially with new teams rising to the top. Fans of every college football team think that they have a chance to win it all every year. When it comes to Ohio State, this is not far from the truth.

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