LSU Ready for Title Run.

When Les Miles took over the LSU Tigers, he went on to win a ton of games his first couple of years. Nick Saban won a national title with them in 2003, and then Les Miles won another in 2007. That year was crazy in college football, as LSU entered the title game with two losses against a really good Ohio State team.

His team would also face off with Alabama in a national championship game, but Nick Saban simply had better athletes. During the past few years, LSU has put some really great teams on the field. These teams have not always translated to the winsthat they should, and now some LSU fans are getting restless with the lack of recent championships.

LSU has a great team this year, although they are a little weak at the quarterback position, and they are poised for a title run.


The key to LSU's season is its defense. Over the past couple of years, LSU has done a great job of recruiting fast and big athletes. There are few teams who have been able to score on them at will. This is one of the reasons that they are rated so high this year. If you can score more than 20 points on this team, you have a good chance of beating them. LSU has a one-dimensional offense right now, and it is important that they work to make sure they are putting in the work to diversify their offensive choices. However, the defense will have to bail them out of a lot of situations, and that is why they are the most important unit on the team.


LSU's offense is built around one of the best running backs in recent memory. Leonard Fournette is one of those running backs who will make your jaw drop when you look at his highlight reel. Over the past season, he took college Football by storm. The issue is that his production dropped as time went on.

LSU simply did not have the weapons on offense to work through the various issues that they faced. Good defenses could simply stack the box to stop him, and over time it worked. When they played good teams later in the year, Fournette did not get a lot of yards rushing. In order to compete at a high level this year, LSU must find other options to help spread out the yards and wear.

If they can do that, this team has the talent to compete at a high level.

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