Buffalo Bills legend Jim Kelly is unfortunately not in the news for a good season. The Bills quarterback needs to have a biopsy on Thursday after an inconclusive cancer scan showed no evidence that the cancer was fully gone. Bills fans can only hope that the Buffalo legend has test results that reveal the quarterback to be cancer free.

Previous Cancer

Prior to recent developments, Jim Kelly had stated that he was feeling awesome and showed no sign of the cancer that had plagued him previously. Kelly has been healthy for more than 18 months after fighting off the cancer within his jaw that initially appeared in 2013.

Now that it may be back, Kelly couldhave to relive abattle that he thought he had already won. The Bills organization wished him the best on Facebook and urged the legendary quarterback to stay "Kelly Tough."

His wife Jill knows that Kelly will continue to battle no matter what the test results are like. And Bills fans know that Jim Kelly definitely won't be going down without a fight. His resiliency isexemplified by his successful prior battles against cancer and hisrepeated successes in the NFL, despite plenty of Super Bowl losses.

Cancer recurrence

This isn't the first time that doctors diagnosed Jim Kellywith a recurring cancer. In 2014, Kelly's squamous cell carcinoma cancer had returned. To combat the disease, Kelly underwent radiation and chemotherapy treatment that eventually eliminated the cancer.

Unfortunately, Kelly would later contract MRSA in his bones in November of 2014. However, a few weeks after the announcement, Kelly was feeling much better and declared himself to be MRSA free. You hate to see Kelly go through all of this again, but at least we know that he definitely has the ability to successfully fight backany form of cancer.

Best wishes

I think I speak for all Bills fans when I wish for Jim Kellyto get better soon. The legend of Buffalo definitely shouldn't be reduced to a hospital bed in the later years of his career. All Bills fans will be on edge until the test results are revealed. We can only hope that it's not bad news.

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