Frank Beamer's final game

When Frank Beamerstarted coaching Virginia Tech, few people had heard of the Hokies. Over time, he was able to build up the program to be one of the best in the ACC. Although he never won a national title, he did go to one in 1999 only to lose to Florida State. Michael Vick was a great player for his program. There are a lot of coaches that tend to fade throughout their career. Virginia Tech started to go on the downward trend in the final part of Frank Beamer's career. The school asked that he step down after a disappointed 2015 season. Frank Beamer still has a great legacy with the Hokies, and this was his final game.

Independence Bowl

This bowl game is one of the best games every single bowl season. It usually matches up a power 5 team that has had a bad year with an upstart team on a tear. Tulsa is usually not a great Football team. However, they have an exciting offense and this provided a lot of fireworks during the game. Tulsa was able to come out to a hot start, and both teams had scored a touchdown with in the first 2 minutes. Only five minutes into the game, the total points scored was over 28 points.Tulsa runs an offense that is built around hurrying up throughout the game. This tends to put a lot of pressure on the defense. Over a long period of time, the offense is able to wear out the defense. This is what happened in the bowl game at the beginning.


At one point in the game, Tulsa was down more than three touchdowns. They were able to battle back to make the score 55-52 with the Hokies still ahead. With about two minutes left in the football game, Tulsa got the ball back. On a 4th and 16, everything was on the line. However, the Hokies defensive line came through and they were able to sack the quarterback and end the football game.

This was a great way to send out Frank Beamer, and Tulsa showed the rest of the country just how much they can impact a game with their offense. For Beamer, this was not the way that he typically wins games. He built his program around a strong defense and special teams. However, those days are now gone and it is time for a new head coach to come into Blackburg, Virginia.

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