The 2016 WWE draft has just come and gone, and with the days until the next RAW and Smackdown Liveepisodes ticking down, Wrestling fans all over the world are wondering what to expect, now that WWE's main roster has been split into two brands. That's especially true since the draft came with its share of surprises -- roster moves that few saw coming, or moves that left people scratching their heads.

What's next for The Wyatt Family?

As I mentioned in my three expectations for the 2016 WWE draft, it didn't seem likely that the draft would result in the breakups of any tag teams or stables aside from The Social Outcasts, who have run their course as that faction that has a lot of fun despite losing almost every match.

Surprise, surprise -- The Wyatt Family was effectively broken up when Smackdown Live commissioner Shane McMahon and general manager Daniel Bryan drafted Bray Wyatt, but not his Family. The monstrous Braun Strowman would go to RAW much later on in the draft, while Erick Rowan was picked toward the end, going to SDL. Luke Harper wasn't available to be drafted due to his being on the injured list.

Looking at how the draft played out for The Wyatt Family, Wyatt and Rowan could operate as a tag team until Harper recovers from his injury and presumably joins the Smackdown roster. But what about Strowman, whose ring work remains unpolished, with his mic skills hardly existent? One possibility is to use him as an unhinged monster heel wailing away on much smaller babyfaces, which isn't far removed from how he was originally booked upon his debut.

But without a capablemouthpiece like Bray Wyatt on his side,Strowman will find it harder than ever to be anything more than a midcard monster destined to lose to someone smaller at the end of a feud.

Lesnar gets drafted, but Heyman conspicuous in his absence

Even with the recent controversy surrounding his UFC doping violation, and even if he's stilla part-time competitor,Brock Lesnarwas picked fairly high, going to RAW in the second round.

But while Rusev was drafted with Lana, and The Miz drafted with Maryse, Lesnar's manager Paul Heyman wasn't mentioned alongside "The Beast" when RAW commissioner Stephanie McMahon and general manager Mick Foley selected him as the eighth overall pick. What's the deal here, and what happened to Heyman?

As it turns out, Heyman's contract had reportedly expired, and according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he and WWE have yet to come to terms on a possible renewal. With Heyman still listed as a current performer on the WWE website, we're certainly hoping a deal can be reached, as he's one of the most dynamic presences on the mic, capable of launching into fiery promos whenever Lesnar is contracted to perform on WWE television.

Dana Brooke -- why the low draft pick?

Moving over to the female talent, Dana Brooke was picked at a lowly 56th overall, making her the last woman on WWE'smain roster to be selected in the draft. (NXT's Carmella was the 59th and last pick, going to SmackDown Live.) This came as a big surprise to many, considering how prominently she has been featured on WWE TVasWomen's Champion Charlotte's enforcer.

Still, it bears mentioning that compared to most of the other main roster women, Brooke is considerably rawer in the ring, and doesn't exactly make up for it with promo skills. And notice how often she's taking the loss in recent tag team matches alongside Charlotte?As such, her low draft status may be indicative of how readyshe is for bigger things, which isn't very ready at all. And it does say something indeed when, as a female wrestler, you're drafted after Eva Marie.

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