Oakland Raiderslinebacker Aldon Smith is clearly one of the NFL’s most talented defensive players. In just his second year in the league, he was named first-team All-Pro and NFC Defensive Player of the Year, and since his debut in 2011, he’s racked up an impressive 47.5 sacks. But he’s also had quite a colorful resume off-field, having been released by the San Francisco 49ers following his third DUI arrest in August 2015, and missed the entire 2015 NFL season for substance abuse. Now he may be in deeper trouble with the league, as a Periscope video of him smoking a marijuana blunt has just gone viral.

Smith allegedly posted “Fire up session” on Periscope

The Periscope video, which was posted “15 days ago” as of July 14, shows a man and a woman sitting in a room, with the man holding a marijuana blunt and quipping that “they don’t know it’s me,” and that “it’s not like I put (the name) Aldon Smith.” The woman warns the man that he shouldn’t be posting the video, but the man shrugs off the warning, coughing out the words “do you see my face?” and calling the woman “stupid” as he enjoys his blunt.

Smith’s purported Periscope account @ravenga identifies him as “Ricky,” which is as far as one can get from his real name, but he clearly appears in other videos posted on the account. The @ravenga account has 31 videos in total, including the aforementioned clip entitled “Fire up session,” and has attracted 133 followers.

Smith's social media fiasco not the first drug-related one in recent months

Although Smith was a big-name signing by the Oakland Raiders ahead of the 2015 NFL season, he had missed the entire year due to a league-imposed suspension for multiple drug policy violations. Aside from his three DUI arrests while a member of the 49ers, Smith has had his share of run-ins with the law for marijuana use.

At the moment, it’s not sure what kind of punishment Smith may receive, but it won’t be the first time in recent months that a top football player suffers from bad PR due to a viral video depicting drug use. Earlier this year, offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil, previously projected as a potential first-overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft, appeared on a Twitter video where he was smoking marijuana from a bong.

The incident was partly responsible for his dropping down to 13th overall, where he was picked by the Miami Dolphins.

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