Vince Wilfork is well known and respected throughout the NFL as one of the best defensive players in the league. But behind every great man, there is a great woman, and this case is no different. Few people are aware of the incredible origin story between Vince and his wife Bianca.

First meeting

Vince and Bianca first started chatting online at, when Vince was just a freshman playing Football at the University of Miami. The two eventually exchanged phone numbers and exchanged several lengthy conversations. When the pair began talking, Bianca was 23, and had just thrown the father of her child out of the house.

To support the child, Bianca worked two separate jobs, a far cry from what Wilfork was doing as one of the best players on the Miami football team. Still, a 20-yea- old Wilfork could see himself in a relationship withthe young woman.

Tragic death of Wilfork’s parents

In 2002, Wilfork’s father died after a struggle with diabetes. In November of the same year, Wilfork’s mother Barbara also tragically passed away. Wilfork, devastated by the tragic events, contemplated quitting football because he knew that he could no longer make his parents proud. Bianca stood by his side throughout the tough times and made sure that Wilfork didn’t give up on his dream of playing in the NFL. She also made sure that Wilfork continued to successfully do his schoolwork in his time playing football at Miami.


Vince and Bianca considered themselves married in 2001, when the two began living together. But the couple was officially wed in 2004, one month before the NFL draft. The marriage took place in Vegas after Bianca had finished playing roulette. Not exactly the most conventional marriage, but this definitely wasn’t a conventional relationship.


When Bianca first met Wilfork, she was raising a son named D’Aundre. D’Aundre was a bit suspicious of the big man at first, but he would eventually form a strong bond with the defensive star. Since their marriage, the couple has had two more children, named Destiny Barbara and David Dream-Angel.

The second child, David Dream-Angel, was born after several failed pregnancies.


Bianca handles all non-football business related to Wilfork, leaving him free to concentrate solely on football. Bianca has dealt with NFL agents, bills, and contracts to help her husband focus on becoming the best football player possible.Bianca continues to help Vince out by arranging promotional appearances for the star defensive lineman.

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