Just a few minutes before the opening match at Wimbledon between defending champion Novak Djokovic and James Ward, the stands were packed full. In the first four balls of the match served by Djokovic, the points all went very quickly to Novak and the game was over in a matter of minutes.

Ward had the worst luck of the draw.

From the very beginning, it seemed that Wardhad the worst luck of the draw possible by being drawn to play the world’s number one player in his very first game. Some fans commented that watching the match was a bit like watching Big Bear and Little Bear meet, as they are very much alike in stature and looks, but Djokovic was so light on his feet it was beautiful to watch.

Thinking it was all over before it started, the crowd was stunned to see Ward grab three break points almost out of nowhere. He generated an excellent handle on the backhand and was in to break Novak. Shortly afterward there followed a double break point and Ward managed to choke for deuce. Nevertheless, the champion managed the four break points to come through, and it seemed obvious that the first set would be over very quickly. In fact, it was over in 27 minutes and ended at 6 games to Love over Ward.

Novak first set no sweat.

Djokovic was simply lethal and he set about calmly demolishing Ward. At one game way from taking the first set, Novak was not even really sweating. Sympathy for wildcard Ward was evident amongst fans but everyone loves a winner and Novak is simply one of the best winners on planet earth right now.

The trouble with Novak is that when he is upbeat, enjoying his game and playing superb Tennis, it is hard for anyone to get past him. Despite all efforts, Ward was just unable to get around Djokovic's incredible serves. Ward was not playing badly really, he was just playing the top tennis player in the world, but he could have played closer to the net.

He was never going to win anything against Novak by staying back on the baseline.

More aggressive play.

Ward really had nothing to lose by playing more aggressively. He should have known that cautious just would not work at this level of play because Djokovic really looked like he was having just another workout as evidenced by the eight straight games he took off Ward before the middle of the second set.

However Ward managed to save some face by getting on the scoreboard in game 10 and the scoreboard showed him trailing Djokovic 6-0 3-1. Typical of the British, they cheered his efforts, probably because everyone watching center court was really grateful it was not them standing out there getting annihilated. Some fans felt that even Novak might be feeling some sympathy for his opponent, and one even tweeted that maybe he was deliberately letting him get some pride points.

Ward's comeback.

It is doubtful that the world number one would ever deliberately put himself at risk of losing a matchas everyone knows tennis players can make the most surprising comebacks and things started to look a lot better for Ward as the second set progressed.

He soon racked the game score up to 3-3 and fans began to speculate on the potential miracle of an early upset. The fact he took three straight games off Novak is a huge testament to the skill the potential of Ward, and Novak started to look a bit frustrated as he turned out some unforced errors. This made what looked like a washout at first between Djokovic vs Ward into something fabulous to watch, especially when Ward, who could not even hold his serve in the first set went on to break Djokovic's serve in the second and a pressured Novak managedto squeeze in a win of 7- 6.

Third set.

In the third set, Djokovic was really working for his points and his serve was starting to look a bit vulnerable, whereas Ward's serve was keeping him in the match - a far cry from set 1.

However by the 4th game Novak was leading Ward 3 - 1. Ward managed to hold onbut Djokovic, 5-4 up, served for set and took the match with an ace.

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