Ezekiel Elliot

Few running backs have been as dynamic as Ezekiel Elliot over the past couple of years. There are many people who think that he is worth a high draft pick. The Cowboys are taking a huge risk on a running back that early in the draft. After two quarterbacks were taken in the draft, fellow Buckeye Joey Bosa was taken 3rd overall. Then the time came for Elliot. Here are a couple of his highlight reels from his time at Ohio State.

Elliot has a rare combination of power, speed, and agility that few can match. Even against the top competition, like Alabama and Oregon, he showed how special he truly is.

There are a lot of pro sports fans who want him on their team. The Cowboys took him earlier than many people thought, but if he pans out he can be a great talent and add a new dimension to their offense. The Cowboys have one of the best offensive lines in the entire NFL, and with a special talent like Elliot the sky is the limit.

Managing carries

The average career for an NFL running back drops every year. Even the elite running backs only have a few great seasons in them for the most part. Chris Johnsonwas one of the most dynamic running backs in the league for the Titans, but even he fell by the way side after signing a major deal. This is why so many NFL teams shy away from taking a running back early.

Derrick Henry was another big running back in this draft, and the Titans took him in the second round. The 2017 draft will be one of the best running back classes in the history of the NFL. The Cowboys already have their running back for the future, and if he pans out history will look back favorably on this pick.


The Cowboys have a solid nucleus of players who could eventually make the playoffs together. As one of the most well known franchises in the world, the team has a huge base of fans who are hungry for success. Ezekiel Elliot has been a winner everywhere he has gone, and fans are hoping that this streak continues.

Only time will tell whether the Cowboys made a great pick or a terrible one.

What are your thoughts on this pick?

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