The decline of the Aggies

It seems like only yesterday that Texas A&M was on top of the college Football world. After joining the hardest conference in the country, the Aggies racked up several highly rated recruiting classes. Some fans even said that they would dominate the conference for years to come. After bringing home a Heisman trophy, there has not been a lot going on in this part of the country. Many people are starting to wonder aloud about head coach Kevin Sumlin. He seems like a good person, but for some reason he just cannot get his finger on the program as a whole. There are many experts thinking about loud that this is the year the wheels could come off of the entire team.

Defensive problems

Texas A&M has had a problem with defense ever since they entered the league. However, their offense was always able to keep them in games. After losing many highly rated quarterbacks to transfers, the Aggies now find themselves with a lot of issues to solve. Not only must they turn their defense around, but they also must find a way to think outside the box on the defensive front. Anyone who has watched the SEC teams play football knows that defense is the name of the game. Over the long term, far too many teams try to outscore one another. To have sustained success, the defense is the key. This is why a lot of experts are predicting pain in the future for the Aggies.

Kevin Sumlin

Just a few years ago, Kevin Sumlin was one of the hottest coaching names in the country. He had a great offense, and he was one of the people at the top of every coaching hot list. Fans in Aggie country have grown tired of bad teams. There are few programs in the country that have the fan support that the Aggies do.

Over the long term, their fans will demand success out of their team. It looks like 2016 could be shaping up as a bad year for the Aggies, but only time will tell. Stranger things have happened in the world of college football, and 2016 looks to be a crazy year on all fronts. Aggie fans are getting nervous about their program.

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