Greg Rutherford is a defending Olympic long jump champion and soon became concerned about the impact of the Zika virus after the medical experts warned of the dangers of hosting the Olympics in Rio. While the World Health Organization (WHO) said it would consider the risks to thehealth of the athletes and visitors to Rio de Janeiro, it eventually rejected all calls to move or postpone the games by those medical experts. In Rutherford’s case, he is wary of the fact that the Zika virus can be sexually transmitted and can then spread from an infected mother to her unborn fetus. Reportedly Rutherford already has a son called Milo with his partner Susie Verrill and is obviously planning on increasing their family at some stage.

Rutherford’s partner confirmed the move.

Verrill confirmed the news about Rutherford freezing his sperm, saying they had made a joint decision over the issue. She told the Standard Issue Magazine that the news about the Zika virus has “caused no end of concern,” confirming they made the decision together to freeze her partner’s sperm on a precautionary basis.

The couple would love to have more children.

Verrill added that this was just another thing they don’t want to chance. Verrill added that besides the precautions taken with Rutherford’s sperm, she will not be attending the event, saying that after so many medical experts had said the Rio Olympic Games should be postponed or moved, she cannot take the additional chance of exposing herself to the mosquito-born Zika virus.

Verrill continued by saying the couple would love to have more children, and she cannot put herself into a position which could have been prevented.

Other athletes withdraw from the Rio Olympic Games.

According to a report by the International Business Times, several other athletes have chosen to withdraw from the Games altogether over fears of the virus, including the American pro cyclist Tejay van Garderen and two golf champions, Marc Leishman and Vijay Singh.

In the meantime, the Zika virus has been declared a worldwide public health emergency as it can cause serious birth defects including microcephaly to the unborn children of mothers infected with the virus.

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